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This is an archived version of the Amico mega-thread from AtariAge. They are all static pages, so clicking certain things wont work, like links to sign in or to reply to the thread. Most of the pages are accessible, but between 100-200 of the later ones were never saved. So when you get into the late 1200s and early 1300s some wont work. Click here for a complete index of the pages that work.
Tommy Tallarico

Intellivision Amico - Tommy Tallarico introduction + Q&A

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2 hours ago, hwrd said:

That exact image has stuck with me over the years also.

Wow... That pic brought me back. Dracula for Colecovision, if I recall.

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4 hours ago, Tommy Tallarico said:

I'll call it the "Baller's Edition".



We're still in talks with Canadian retailers about exclusives, etc.  Typically this kind of stuff doesn't get ironed out for the holiday selling season til around the end of March.


Will keep you posted for sure!



Like the tourist ads say, “It’s a Whole Different Country.”


You can’t do a simple bank transfer with a USA bank, credit scores and insurance histories are meaningless there. I did a contract job there for two years once and the hassles were more than you would expect. Probably not as bad as temporarily moving from Canada to the USA, though. Did I mention I had American loans to pay off and was being paid in Canadian. 

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Wow... That pic brought me back. Dracula for Colecovision, if I recall.

I remember that as well. The shadows the table had blew my mind. There was nothing like it back in the day. I remember seeing it in a CES wrap up in EGM way back. 

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18 hours ago, Tommy Tallarico said:

I see the opposite happening more actually.  Anyone who LIKES the system is immediately labeled as part of the Amico cult or blind fanboy.  Then again... that is coming from the negative folks... so who really cares.  :)



If you dislike the system, you're a hater.

If you like the system, you're a fanboy.

If you lick the system, everybody thinks you're weird.

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1 hour ago, Lathe26 said:


If you dislike the system, you're a hater.

If you like the system, you're a fanboy.

If you lick the system, everybody thinks you're weird.

What about tea-bagging?


Still weird?



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6 hours ago, RetroAdvisoryBoard said:

less precision jumps in platformers if the player's thumb isn't placed in the intended zone (pressing to the right if placed near the top of the disc doesn't register the same as pressing right when your thumb is in the center of the basin).  I think Amico's basin design for its disc mitigate this, but we'll need to see.

That's one of my concerns. I think the disc will be perfect for top down games such as Night Stalker, and in general for shoot 'em ups, Breakout style games, driving games, etc. But I'm wondering how it will fare for platformers, even though it can't be worse than an analog stick. I always use the d-pad for games with 2D gameplay and my only complaint about the Link's Awakening remake for instance was that it could only be played with the analog stick. 😕

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16 hours ago, CPUWIZ said:


Your console is going to suck adult balls, only chicks with kids will play the new gold discs of pain.  Gimme a joystick, tired of gimmicky touch screen crap. :P


J/K, I am sure the wrist pain will be cool with a lot of folks.  I'll buy one, even if I won't use it, depending on the selection of games. ;)

Eh by the time this comes out all of us who participate in this thread will have built up their wrist strength and I don't think that will be a problem. 



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2 hours ago, Lathe26 said:


If you dislike the system, you're a hater.

If you like the system, you're a fanboy.

If you lick the system, everybody thinks you're weird.

Does it taste like snozberries? I bet each color tastes different. 

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4 hours ago, atarifan88 said:

Tommy, to echo the comments of others, if there was a way to put out a game catalog with screen shots like Intellivision did back in the day, not only would that be a great source of advertisement, but would speak to those of us who grew up reading these things over and over, while we looked forward to certain games coming out.  That would really spark up some nostalgia in the process! 😎


Do you think something like this is possible, even if it's done electronically as a PDF sent to those on the email list?

That would have been a great idea for the FE. Even if one of the games got the axe that wouldn't be different than a magazine showing a game that ended up not making it past the prototype phase.

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9 hours ago, Tommy Tallarico said:

Atari doesn't own Berzerk... or else it would have been on the list of the 12 games I licensed from Atari (versions that will appear EXCLUSIVELY only on Amico!)





Oh okay.  I was just wondering is all.  Thanks.

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Judging from trailer footage, the controller's disc looks like it might have some tactile feedback. Is that the case?


And just curious, is it more like a rubber dome feel, or that of a microswitch?


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5 hours ago, Swami said:

You can’t do a simple bank transfer with a USA bank


Yes, you can, we pay our rent that way.  It also works between different banks.  You must have a shitty bank. :P

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1 minute ago, CPUWIZ said:


Yes, you can, we pay our rent that way.  It also works between different banks.  You must have a shitty bank. :P

This was 2004. May be better now. 

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2 minutes ago, Swami said:

This was 2004. May be better now. 


Ahh, I see, I can even do it on my phone.  The apps for both of our banks are really nice.


EDIT: I think you can even email money to someone.

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12 hours ago, Tommy Tallarico said:

Atari doesn't own Berzerk... or else it would have been on the list of the 12 games I licensed from Atari (versions that will appear EXCLUSIVELY only on Amico!)

Thank you for being the Atari we need, and want! 😅😎💯👾

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Tommy, quick question about the controller, and I apologize if this is already been asked. Let's say for example that a game is written so that the controller is held like an NES controller with the d-pad on the left and the fire button on the right. Now let's carry that example little bit further and say that I'm more used to having the d-pad on the right hand with the fire buttons on the left. Would you say that the controllers have the ability to flip its orientation to the way I'm holding it? 

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Hi Everyone.


Since early January, I have been working on a project that I think could serve as a reference, and  help newcomers to this topic.


I have compiled several questions and answers from the first 200 pages over a period of one year. (February 2019 to January 2020)


There is not much missing from pages 200 to 280. Most of the discussions focused on the Founders Edition, the three video from IE and general discussions…


To my knowledge, the old information is as up to date as the most recent.


Sometimes I have allowed myself to make a comment. It will be indicate like this : "EDIT:"


Also T.T. sentences that I look forward to for E3 and beyond are in red.


If Tommy Tallarico wishes, I invite him to update or clarify certain information on a subject that could have changed since then.


Each message is numbered and linked to easily find the original message by clicking it.


Questions are preceded by "Q:" and replies by "R:"


The answers are always those of Tommy Tallarico.


This project will be divided in three parts. I will probably wait  at least 24 hours between them.


I have grouped categories together, and it often gives the pleasant impression of reading an interview !


It may happen that certain information is repeated, but added with subtle details.


I hope you will enjoy it and your constructive comments are welcome.


Please if you must quote in your comment, choose only a few lines because my text is very long !!


First part: General Information, Marketing, Online Amico, the controller, etc.


Second part: Console, Graphics, sounds, physical games, etc.


Third part : Games and Developers.


PART   I                General Information, Marketing, Online Amico, the controller, etc.


Intellivision !!??

#167   Q:

It's an interesting idea but I rarely come across anyone who even knows what an intellivision is outside these forums or at shows ?


This is a brand new machine. I'm not naive enough to think that people are just going to buy it because it has the name Intellivision on it.


It will barely factor into someone's purchase. We are approaching this like no one has ever heard of it. 99% of people under 30 probably never heard the name Intellivision.


But we're going to have a lot of fun getting new generations of people to know where we came from and how important Intellivision was


in creating the things that most people take for granted in the video game industry.


It's going to be our job to educate tens of millions of people about where Intellivision came from. We are proud of our history... and we'll be even prouder of the one we're making now.



#157   Q:

Can we expect to see commercials on TV,etc.


Yes... you will see Intellivision commercials nationwide. As well as celebrity endorsements, social media influencers, national mall tours, massive social media,


and massive PR (national morning shows, late night shows, etc.). It will be a total blitz leading into 10/10 2020.


#1066   Q:

Picturing the TV commercial: "let's compare Amico with other leading consoles"


followed by intercuts of family fun in one scene vs. a gamer glumly staring at firmware and patch update progress bars in the other scene.


OH YES!  I've already storyboarded it out!  Going to do it a little George Plimpton style as well.


#168   Q:

Will there be playable Amico kiosks in stores ?


Hell yes. A big part of our marketing is to get the things in peoples' hands. Not only in stores, but in malls across the world, local morning TV shows, etc. An entire tour will be planned.


#1311   Q:

I enjoyed the video, but want to see more extensive footage of the various games before I commit to anything.


It's a good start and look forward to more gaming video footage.


Also, any chance the Amico will be on display to the general public to try out before you buy it like Intellivision did back in the day with display kiosks?


We have a long way to go and need to continue to build anticipation along the way.  Lots of different ideas and plans as we ramp up to launch.


We could start featuring a brand new game video every week for the next year if we wanted and still have lots to talk about.  But we need to patient.


Can't blow everything at once.  We are still small with a small reach.  Our big marketing budget doesn't kick in until 2020.


Less than 40,000 views on our last trailer.  It's good... but it isn't in the "millions" like the other companies.


So we know our place, where we want to go and how we're gonna get there.  Roomfuls of super smart people over here plotting the way.


Yes... people will absolutely be able to try out the system in various places !  But when it becomes a huge hit (or you want the Vintage Woodgrain version)... you probably won't be able to find one... so act fast! :)


Streaming App ?

#44   Q:

Is the Amico going to have Streaming App functionality ?


As of now... we don't have any intentions of doing that.


Maybe that will change. Maybe a great deal with Disney would change our minds.


It would need to make sense for the console and the people using it.


Merchandise and Mascot ?

#243   Q:

We know the original Intellivision was a Mattel product, and that Intellivision Entertainment is it's own separate entity.


Any possibility of a collaboration with Mattel for games based on toys licenses like Hot Wheels, Barbie, ect similar to the recent Coleco handhelds utilizing the Rainbow Brite and Robotech brands?


Yes... we are already having those discussions! And you forgot a MAJOR one... He-Man!!


#243   Q:

Earthworm Jim was recently announced as an Amico exclusive.


Going with 90s console-marketing logic, does that make Earthworm Jim the "face" of Amico alongside the obvious examples like Mario, Sonic, and the like ?


No, I wouldn't say that. Earthworm Jim is his own thing and quite frankly... we have even bigger names and exclusives coming to the console that I can't mention yet.


This was just a small nugget because we were starting our design meetings and I thought it would be cool to let the world know and to show us all in a room together again


(which hadn't happened since the end of EWJ 2 over 24 years ago!).


#1898   Q:

Just thinking: for a certain contingent of the family market, particularly involving young children, cute mascots were a draw: Mario or Pokémon appealed to young children as if they were virtual dolls/action figures.


Does Amico have something to draw that submarket's attention ?


Yes.  Absolutely 100%.  Won't be revealed until 10/10 2020. Here's a little hint.


Lets just say there is a REASON why I never say "The" Amico. :)


#1926   Q:

Interesting Amico being the mascot for itself but definitely in line with things Tommy has said in the past such as wanting Amico to be like a tomagotchi


or a furby so that the system is interactive like those is my guess. Also that Amico is friend in Italian I feel sure plays into this.


Tommy also describes Amico as a cross between a puppy and R2D2 so seems it might also have a bit of personality and finally he mentioned that original Intellivision will be part of its history


so it will be like having memories of sorts there is going to be a lot of fun had with that it feels like


All will be revealed in 2020! 


A lot of folks are going to look back on this thread and find a lot of subtle "hints" I've been dropping all year. 


Around the World !

#1435   Q:

The Amico is family friendly, so it will not have any censorship in China... Any plans for a China release ?


We are looking at the China market and it's something that they are very interested in.  We are talking to the biggest companies over there but something that wouldn't be released until 2021 at least.


#835   Q:

...do you plan on having a UK office…


We are waiting to see what happens politically over there, but more than likely we'll probably have a separate office in the UK... even if its just marketing, PR & sales.


Also like to point out that we have a VERY experienced developer working for us over there!  These folks have been around since the C64 and Amstrad days!


They are one of our superstars for sure and the game they are working on will be turning a lot of heads.



#1036   Q:

I know it is too early to announce anything but what was the general impression of the big box buyers ?


Absolutely stunningly HUGE!!  It went even better than we expected or would have anticipated.


You are 100% correct... big box retailers only make around $5 - $10 for a $400 PS4, XBOX One or Switch.  $5 - $10!!!!


The markup is in the software (100% mark up in fact).  And now a lot of the manufacturers are going digital.


The only reason the stores carry the machines is so they can make the money on accessories and software.  So what happens when the software portion is gone??


I can tell you from personal meetings and experience... the retailers are NOT happy.


Intellivision on the other hand is the opposite!  We are EMBRACING retail where the others are moving away from it.


We are doing huge exclusive deals with the biggest retailers IN THE WORLD.  And our margins are a LOT better so it's a win/win for everyone.  The retailers LOVE US.


Again... we are doing things completely different than the others… we are very confident that a lot of folks are going to be surprised at how serious and big this will be.


Production, Shortage ?

#1435   Q:

Imagine that the Amico sells 50+ millions. What do you do? Will there be any shortages if this happens? Will you release an Amico 2 with improved graphics after 7 years ?


There will be shortages no matter how many it sells.  Common practice around the holidays.  I'll just leave it at that.  :)


The typical game industry hardware cycle is 7 years.  Based mostly around technology and how long it takes to create something new.


We feel our cycle is more like 10 years because we don't rely on technology as much as the others.  Look at something like Roblox or Minecraft.


We're more similar to their models than a PS4.  We hope to be a big part of the game in 2030 and would hope to redefine the industry once again by then.  :)


Our main focus right now is finishing the hardware for mass production at the end of March.  After that... we'll start to put together a massive "schedule" of announcements.


We've actually secured over $150M already for pipeline manufacturing.


Online, Multiplayer ?

#273   Q:

Amico has a strong local multiplayer focus. Is this machine going to be worth it for online play ?


The console will not have online multiplayer on launch. There are a number of reasons for this decision.


It's very expensive and complicated and takes a long time to get it right.


It takes away from our message of "people in a room playing together".


If there is enough want/need for it... we can address it after launch.


When we do online multiplayer, it will be set up more like a Facebook account... meaning... you will need to ACCEPT a friend request in order to play that person.


It won't just be an open system where a bunch of strangers play together (unless it's a tournament situation which we will control).


#1968   R:

We are taking a "wait and see" approach.  We need to see if a percentage of our customers will want that and how important it is to them.


Keep in mind... most parents hate the idea of their young kids going online and interacting with folks they don't really know.


So if we do it... it will be more like a Friend Request type of list as opposed to anyone jumping on and competing with anyone else.


But it really depends on how many people in our community will want it.  Does it hurt or enhance our message?


Does the cost of doing online multiplayer make sense financially when the games are $9.99 or less?


Adding Online Multiplayer typically DOUBLES the budget of a game... so it may not make sense from a financial position.


But again... we're leaving it all open and not really committing to anything at this point.  I'll be able to better answer that question by the beginning of 2021.


Amico Games store, Internet and Publicity ?

#2723   Q:

What can you tell us about the games store for Amico ?


The entire home menu and store is extremely unique, fun and VERY simple.  Never really been anything like it before (as far as I know).


The folks we have shown it to were very impressed with how easy it is and what a different take on boring menu screens that we've taken.


#2130   Q:

Does this mean Amico will require an always on internet connection and "serve ads" every time it boots up ?


Nope.  The only time you need to be on the internet is when you want to download a new game.  We will never really serve ads.


I personally don't really consider featuring a brand new game that just came out an "ad", but I understand that it could be considered a grey area.


But if folks want to keep it offline... they are more than welcome to.  But they will miss a lot of cool things and Easter Eggs we have planned. :)

#4998   R:

You can play everything offline.  But you do need to connect it to see the store and featured product.  If not... you'll just see your own internal library.


Downloaded games

#381   Q:

The Amico, in 5 to 10 years after launching. What will be become of our downloaded games ? Will they always work ?


What about long after the servers are gone, any way to download games long after that ?


The games you download you keep on your system forever. We do NOT require the system to be connected to the internet at all times and we are NOT cloud based.


When you purchase a digital or physical product it gets "imprinted" on your machine and controllers. That's all I can say for now.


But when people find out and realize what we're doing and how... it's going to be a "game changer" (pun intended!!!)



#212   Q:

The biggest issue for me though is the controller. It doesn't look very ergonomic for one thing. The circular pad seems to be a fine choice so far (won't know for sure 'til I use one though).


But the lack of tactile buttons on the front face of it is a HUGE issue !


They are VERY ergonomic and thicker and shorter than what you see in the images from last year. You're concerned with no buttons on the face... but you're missing something very big!


The disc IS a multi-directional tactile button!! The great thing about the controller design is that it can be used and held 4 different ways.


Another important element to remember is to NOT think of the controllers as something to play modern games on. Yeah... the controller would suck for a 1st person shooter. But that's not what we're making.


#122   Q:

Speaking of controllers. It comes with two. Is it going to have 4player capabilities where you can buy and connect two more, or connect your phone and use it like a controller ?


Yes. Absolutely. Additional controllers will be for sale on launch. Thinking of doing a single and a 2 pack.


Of course, anyone will be able to download the free app and connect and control the Amico via their mobile device.


Will work fine for some games (especially the game show, board game, puzzle, word, trivia, dice, card games, etc.)


 but a lot of the sports and classic games will control a lot better with the actual controller of course. Just want to make sure we have options for everyone!


#148   Q:

It seems like innovative controllers…


... The uniqueness of gameplay options that our controller has is absolutely unprecedented in the game industry.


We are exploiting that uniqueness to it's fullest and creating games that have never been able to be accomplished before now.


If we just tried to put out a normal game... we'd be crushed by everyone else.


But if we utilize the uniqueness of everything on our controller (and some MAJOR parts of our controller have NOT YET BEEN REVEALED)... then we have something special.


#1068   Q:

Many of the games were well designed to make use of the controller.  Bomb Squad, Space Spartans, Space Battle, Deadly Discs, Utopia, etc... could never have been as good as the were with just a joystick.


THIS!!!!!!!!!!!    This is my point exactly.  Folks looking at our controller and thinking... how am I going to play Call of Duty on this??


EVERY game for Amico is being designed especially for the controller... and it's really great and like the games you mentioned above for the original...


the games on Amico could not be played properly with other controllers/machines. Lots to look forward to and discover!


#1614   Q:

Looking at the thickness of Amico's controller, I'd say they can be made quite sturdy. Besides, it looks like they are slightly recessed, so if the plastic is of good quality, they won't break that easily.


Aside from the chipset... the screens in the controllers are the most expensive thing on the machine!


We are really spending good money on making the controllers amazing (and sturdy!) in every way.


THE Disc !!

#1656   Q:

Tommy, how much of a geek does it make me if I'm counting the number of contact points for the Amico controller's disk ?


HAHAHHAHA!!!  Pretty high up there I'd say!  Answer:  32 contact for 64 points! But something awesome that we haven't revealed yet!  Oh man... you guys are gonna LOVE it!


64 points of articulation AND... some really cool and special other stuff that I can't exactly say right now... but will be releasing very soon. :)


#2233   Q:

Not sure why they didn't just make it analog, I thought analog might be cheaper and easier.


We looked at that for a few weeks... but definitely not cheaper and a lot less exact control.  We had it up and running but it isn't as precise and cool than what we eventually went with.


And again... some really cool surprises coming that "lets just say" will make it feel and react "analog".


Another Controller ?

#212   Q:

If an alternative tactile button controller is not an option…


If we were doing a PRO CONTROLLER version at launch... I wouldn't be able to tell you right now.


#992   Q:

I can't remember where but Tommy T hinted  about a "pro controller" option.  Now that we have seen the latest controller design can we expect anything different in the next year ?


Info available next year. That being said...  has anyone ever heard me say that ANY bluetooth controller couldn't work? ;)


But the reality is that almost all games utilize the screen in some way, shape or form.   But hey... at least this way people couldn't complain they didn't have "options".  Lol


Amico = Controller !

#1322   Q:

For me the Amico is all about the controllers - or more precisely the array of feedback/inputs/sensors (some of that could be on the console itself)


First off we have up to 8 controllers… For actual inputs we first have a touchscreen, for strategy games that is like the Intellivision number pad but better.


Pick the "Factory" icon then the screen changes and you pick "Steel Mill" or "Textile". Also the touchscreen is great for hidden inputs/game info.


You can see your poker cards on your controller and the dealer table on the TV or select your trivia answer without others seeing.


However for arcade games it is a touchpad/mouse, you won't be 'wheeling' the cursor in Missile Command, you will be swiping/pointing as Tommy has mentioned.


Then we have the direction pad/wheel/dial with 360 degree input this time. Could be a steering wheel input but could also just be a giant button, a D Pad or a X directions button


However we also have motion controls, need to toss a dart, jog in place or throw a bowling ball, that will be used in those games.


When you are throwing that bowling ball with the motion controls you can release it and also put 'english' on the spin by where you hit the disk - so button and spin direction.


Plus we have 4 side buttons, rumble, interactive LED lighting and a mic & speaker which open up even more possibilities.


You are actually getting two iconic Apple popularized inputs - the jog wheel on the ipod and the touch screen on phones.


Plus throw in the Nintendo popularized motion controls and whatever else Intellivision has up it's sleeve and you have a unique and powerful input device.


Just one that is familiar and easily teachable as opposed to left shoulder-A to round-house kick.


You are SO RIGHT about everything you said.


AND... we have one HUGE surprise that we haven't even announced and won't be until next summer at E3.  It's an absolutely GAME CHANGER!!!  Everyone is gonna freak!


Developers and motion control !?

#649   Q:

I'm really excited to see the Amico, but I am more than a little haunted by the optimistic relationship with developers when it comes to motion control games like bowling or horseshoe or cornhole.


Motion control games are a small percentage of titles for the machine and mostly only in the Recreational Sports category.


No fear... you won't be seeing games like Night Stalker or Moon Patrol with motion controls.


Controller Price

#1321   Q:

This may have been asked but are the controllers going to be priced in the same range as Xbox One/PS4 controllers or is it too early to say ?


Additional controllers that will be sold separately will be NO WHERE near the ridiculous price of the PS4 & Xbox One.  Potentially HALF the price!  Also looking to do a family 2-pack.


Controller becoming a console ?

#2705   Q:

I would love the the see new Amico controller have expanded functionality like downloading simple games like pinball or Tetris style games


The controllers aren't capable of playing full 2.5D style games on them.  Lots of reasons for this.


Controller memory & controller chip speed being the 2 biggest reasons.


#4872    Q:

Can controllers be used as handhelds or portable consoles ?


No.  Not really.  They don't have enough memory or speed for anything complex.  But we may put a few easter eggs in there for fun.


Controller not a mouse but …

#3709   Q:

I believe Tommy said that the controller would not be used for mousing around the screen, but with a cursor or cross-hair it could certainly work well


In a game like Missile Command the screen does work like that.  So it really depends on the game.


Controller Horizontal or Vertical

#3731   Q:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us use the controller with the REAL orientation. I don't care if you do it horizontal as well.  But give us the option. This is the best part of a controller like this.


Yes.  It has multiple orientations.  For lefties & righties as well.


Gameplay for Baseball ! (Horizontal versus Vertical)

#3687   Q:

It seems that having the buttons far apart will work for some games but I’m not sure how this will work for some of the older games.


It will affect certain original games... but because we have better technology now... we can use the controller in different ways to make it better. I'll give you a perfect example... Baseball!!


In the original baseball the top button was "hit/swing" and the bottom button was "bunt".  Obviously, the way the new controller is set up it would be very difficult to press the "bunt" button.


But the new baseball will not be set up like the old one.  Imagine the controller horizontal with the screen on the left!


Having the screen on the left gives you more space to pick your infielders (the most important part).


How many of us would accidentally hit an outfielder or the 2nd baseman when we really wanted to get the shortstop?


Having the playfield horizontal gives more space for the most important players on defense... and we're also able to spread the area to press (as opposed to a single circle).


When holding it this way you also can easily pick if you want to hit or bunt (with the top 2 shoulder buttons). 


I'm sure some folks might be hating me right now as they have played Intellivision baseball the same way for 40 years.(Edit : Vertical versus Horizontal now)


But when you play the new one... it will make sense and feel a lot smoother and slicker.  But it may take folks who have been playing it a certain way for 40 years to get used to the new way.  I totally get it.


But I can tell you that picking fielders is a LOT quicker with a touch screen as opposed to going from pressing down keypad buttons over and over.


No feel with the touchscreen !?

#3687   R:

Some folks may also be concerned with the fact that we don't have those circle keypad buttons to feel around. So how will you know where you are on the screen without having to look down?


First of all.. when the overlay was on the controller... it was a smooth surface... but lets face it... not many of us probably played with the overalays on baseball as we got better!


Our memories helped us to know exactly where the fielders were without looking.  As long as we had our thumb on the pitcher... everything else fell into place.


Make sure to look carefully at the controller design.  You'll see a tiny dimple right in the middle of the screen (where the pitcher would be positioned!).


So your brain will always know where the center of the controller screen is (whether you're horizontal or vertical).


Sides buttons now apart

#3687   Q:

With the old games, is the new side button placement going to be a problem ?


It will affect certain original games... but because we have better technology now... we can use the controller in different ways to make it better.


If you go back and play... there aren't actually that many original Intellivision games (at least that we are remaking) that utilize 2 buttons on the same side.


I mean... did anyone really use the "pass" button in hockey? :)


#2383   Q:

Just to be clear can we use the controller either vertical or horizontal for every game or will it be up to the game maker? Thank you very much.


Depends on the game.  Some will use both ways... others just one way.


#2307   Q:

If the bottom button doesn't work in vertical orientation, does that mean you only have one fire button working in vertical orientation ?


One per side.  So you would have one on the top left and one on the top right.  Although 2 would be tough to get at in those positions (the way most people hold the controller vertically).


However... the big factor is that the touch screen acts as a button (or multiple buttons) as well!


Moon Patrol Controls Example

#2307   R:

So... for example... when I play Moon Patrol in vertical mode (most people play horizontal, but I personally like vertical). 


It's actually much easier and quicker to hit the screen to shoot and jump (screen input split into 2 halves of the screen... top & bottom) as opposed to the side buttons.


You can get off way more "shots".  You quickly forget about tactile buttons.  Having a "real" tactile disc for motion and the screen for shooting is really cool actually.


It's one of those things that may be hard to imagine... but when you play it... you get used to it immediately and find that its actually more fun, forgiving and quick to use the screen to shoot


because you're tapping rapidly as opposed to waiting for the tactile button mechanism to engage and disengage.


Which of course doesn't take long... but it's just "quicker" when there's nothing there except your finger and a surface.


But again... most people use it in horizontal mode.  And some use the screen to shoot and others will use the left & right shoulder buttons for firing and jumping.


And the disc could be on the left... or the right... depending on which way you are holding it vertically.  There really is something there for everyone.  Really unique.


10 players ? Battery life and Pinball game !

#4888    Q:

Tommy is amico limited to 8 players , and are you planning some expansion for more ?


The system testing shows that it can handle up to 10 controllers... but it gets a little sketchy sometimes so we say 8 as it is safe there.


#4604   Q:

Do you know what the battery life of the Amico controller will be ? Sorry if this has already been answered.


Our testing is showing 5 - 6 hours right now.  Lots of testing still to go though.


#4989   Q:

We need a cool pinball game utilizing the controller !


Yep!  Talking to the biggest video game pinball developers on the planet!


To be continued …

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On 2/5/2020 at 5:28 PM, cmart604 said:

😂 I'm always happy to share my wine. 🍷🍷🍷

Really? Then why did you serve me this?




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@Tommy Tallarico

Tonight my daughter (21) wanted me to hook up the WII after a couple of years in a box. Instead of a game or two of Super Mario Bros, Mario Party or Mario Kart, her first go-to games were the two Family Feud games we have. We ended spending a couple of hours playing against the CPU (not @CPUWIZ) or against each other. All I was thinking the whole time is how much easier it would be to enter the words with the Amico touchscreen or speak them into the microphone on the controller, even if it was spelling it out loud rather than saying the whole word. I see Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and Family Feud as being perfect couch multiplayer with Amico controllers. Check out Family Feud Decades on the WII, it would be a great 8 player game the way they implemented the teams.

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49 minutes ago, Tarzilla said:

Really? Then why did you serve me this?




Lol. I don't serve shitty beer. 

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PSA: I'm starting a YouTube series called "A Fat Guy Talks to People" and in the first episode I talk to none other than @Tommy Tallarico


We discuss Tommy's background and of course, the Amico, clearing up a few things such as controller misconceptions etc.


Don't expect a professional podcast based on prior research. As it says in the title, I'm fat. I'm fat because I'm lazy. Also, I just like to talk crap with people rather than "interview" them so there are stories from both of us.


Anyway, the first ep is rendering now. I really need to look into how to speed this up as it's saying it's gonna take 17 hours! All going well, I'll upload tomorrow and link here.


Massive thanks to Tommy for taking the time to talk to a YouTube nobody from New Zealand. It was loads of fun and he's a bloody great guy. I'm honoured and humbled to have such an epic "guinea pig" for my first ep! Not sure how I'll back this up with following eps... lol

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